A huge carpet area with lots of open spaces

A huge carpet area with lots of open spaces


The College offers the following:

Hons Subject General Subjects (Any Two, one from each group)
  Gr – 1 Gr – 2 Gr – 3
Sociology El. Bengali ,El. English,Edu, Philosopy History, Sanskrit
History Sociology,El.English,El.Bengali, Education, Philosopy Sanskrit
Bengali Sociology,Education, Philosopy History,
English Sociology,Education, Philosopy History,
Political Science Sociology,El.English,El. Bengali, Education Philosopy History, Sanskrit
Geography Sociology,El.English,El.Bengali, Education,Philosopy History, Sanskrit


B .A .(General) Choose any one subjects from each group
Group-1 Sociology ,El.English, El. Bengali, Education
Group-2 History, Sanskrit, Physical Eduation
Group-3 Geography, Political Science, Philosopy


Maths.(Hons.), Physics (General), Chemstry (General) Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry