Dr. Meghnad Saha College Alumni Association ‘প্রাক্তনী’ is an official alumnus society of Dr. MeghnadSaha College West Bengal. Association’s present General Body has started its journey on the 17th February 2019. The alumni association has been participating and contributing significantly in several activities of the College. The association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop strategic plans, support the College to achieve its vision, and enable the institute to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization.
Dr. Meghnad Saha College Alumni Association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop strategic plans to support the College to achieve its vision, and enable the institute to add value to its stakeholders.
  • To solve the various problems of the existing students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and college authority, the case may be and inform the member about their responsibilities and duties to strengthen the association.
  • To establish a good relationship between the members of the association and to give necessary suggestions and moral support to the authority of Dr. MeghnadSaha College for improvement of education, culture, and socio-economic development of the region, in respect of any social bias.
  • To help the needy students of Dr. MeghnadSaha College for their education and promote and encourage the advancement of literacy, cultural, scientific, and Technical Education.
  • To organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, excursions to disseminate knowledge, and createa public opinion on health, education, human rights, and environment issues.
  • To do all social welfare and rural development activities including sanitation, community health to adopt all sorts of schemes for the welfare of the children, women, persons with disabilities and poor people mainly SC/ ST and other backward categories given or supported by Govt. and other national and religion Agencies.
  • Dr. MeghnadSaha College Alumni Association organizes reunions, cultural programs and offers suggestions for the development of our College. The Alumnus helps N.S.S. units to organize special camps, Blood donation camps.
  • The association is quite intent on maintaining the pleasant natural ambiance of the College. They regularly participate in the tree plantation programs that occur several times in a year and nurture the saplings and plants to sustain the lush greenery of the college campus, and conserve the College’s field to the College.

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Mr. IndranilAcherjee (Asst. Teacher, ChuniyaPara PrathamikVidyalay)




Mr. Mangal Saha (NTS, Dr.MeghnadSaha College)




Mr. Nojrul Islam ( SACT in Geography, Dr.MeghnadSaha College)

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Mr. Subhas Ghosh (NTS, Dr.MeghnadSaha College)




Mr. MurshedAlam (NTS, Dr.MeghnadSaha College )

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