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Dr. Meghnad Saha College
NAAC Accredited with 'B' (CGPA 2.42)
Affiliated to Gour Banga University

Basics of QGIS: List 1

Three Days Training Workshop on BASICS OF QGIS (31st January to 3rd February 2020)

Reporting venue: Seminar Hall, Dr. Meghnad Saha College at 10 am on 31st January 2020.

  • Pay the Registration Fee of Rs. 750/- (Rs. Seven Hundred & Fifty only) latest by 27th January 2020 via our online payment system. You will find the Registration No. in the list below. Also, use the registered mobile no. to log in during the payment. The payment link is here: http://drmsportal.in/qgis.php
  • Non-receipt of the registration fee from your end by this stipulated time will lead to offering the seat to the candidates in the waiting panel.
  • For accommodation (self-paid), please inform it to Sri Goutam Sarkar, Co-Ordinator, Department of Geography, Dr. Meghnad Saha College by 27th January 2020. He may be contacted over the Mobile No 90643 95139 (between 10 am to 5 pm only).
  • Need to submit the No Objection Certificate duly signed by the competent authority at the Reporting Table on 31st January 2020. NOC format is here: NO-OBJECTION LETTER


Registration ID. Name E-mail Name of the Institution (Present)
QGIS2020001 PUJA SAHA pradipsaha9775@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020002 SNEHASISH KHAKHA snehasishkhakha1@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020003 SUMAN BARMAN sb5891178@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020004 SUBRATA BARMAN subratabarman1433@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020005 JITENDRA BISWAS jitenbiswas1999@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020006 JAFFAR ALAM jaffaralam406@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020007 TAPAS ORAON tapasoraon1@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020008 SARASWATI SARKAR Saraswati146@gamil.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020009 MANOJ DAS bndpmanoj@gamil.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020010 MAHAMMAD ALI mahammadali1199@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020011 GOLAM MUKTADA HASAN golam9679064463@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020012 JAYDIP SAHA sjaydipsaha@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020013 SANJIT SARKAR mirjsanjitsarkar@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020014 MOHUYA DAS dmou1006@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020015 SUVRAJIT KUNDU suvrajitkundu1999@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020016 PHARIDA YEASMIN golam9064639386@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020017 SOMA SARKAR somasarkar3737@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020018 RANJANA MONDAL golam9064639386@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020019 KANCHAN KUMAR BARMAN kanchankumar2016barman@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020020 INJAMUL HOQUE Injamulhoque822@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020021 JHUMA SARKAR jhumasarkar9564940648@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020022 KALYAN SARKAR Kalyansarkar733129@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020023 PURNIMA SARKAR purnimasarkar2018@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020024 KEYA KARMAKAR Sushantatanti120 @gmail. Com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020025 NAYAN BASAK nayanbasak446@ gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020026 NAYAN BASAK nayanbasak446@ gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020027 PARTHA DAS Parthadas7852@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020028 AJIT SARKAR ajitsarkar81455@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020029 BIDISHA SAHA bidishasaha101@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020030 PRANAY PAUL paulpranay123@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020031 RUPAM NAG rupamnag87@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020032 DABLU CHOWHAN dabluchowhan.ww@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020033 DHIRAJ SAHA dhirajsaha107@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020034 SUBHADEEP SAHA ssubhadeep218@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020035 AMRITA TAPNA amritatapna@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020036 JHUMA PAUL Jhuma.paul0502@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020037 JHUMA PAUL Jhuma.paul0502@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020038 SUBHENDU BASAK subendu004@gmai.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020039 SUPRIYA DEBNATH aparna13051998@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020040 JUI DEBNATH jui8337@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020041 DIPRANJAN GHOSH dipranjancoc@gmail.com Raiganj University
QGIS2020042 ARABINDA ROY arabindaroy3006@gmail.com Dr. Meghnad Saha College
QGIS2020043 KAJAL SARKAR kajalsarkar87@gmail.com University of North Bengal
QGIS2020044 SOHINI GANGULY sohiniganguly.gairkata@gmail.com University of North Bengal
QGIS2020045 AMLAN MAITRA amlanmaitra95@gmail.com University of North Bengal
QGIS2020046 BISHNUPADA SARKAR sarkarbishnu66@gmail.com Visva Bharati University


QGIS2020047 MEHEJABI PARVIN Mehejabi Parvin Raiganj University